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A little bit about us...

Glass Slipper Publications was started to give authors a more personal approach when it came to publishing their novels. Writing a book is an extremely personal process, it seems only right that publishing it should be as well.


One of the founding goals of Glass Slipper is to cultivate a collection of high quality writers and novels. Each and every book in the collection is given the same determined focus and energy, to give them the best chance to realize their full potential. 

We believe that high quality writers will know their books better than anyone else. So we give our writers a special insight into the publishing process, including them in discussions about them or their work so they can be fully informed and kept up to date.

What this means for Authors

This means authors have more control and clarity. They get to be involved in every stage of their creations and pursue careers they envision for themselves. Publishing a book doesn't mean the work ends! We work closely with authors to make personal business plans, to help craft their careers and futures in the writing industry. That way we can ensure the success of all our authors and everyone is happy. 

What kind of books do you publish?

We are willing to consider lots of different styles and genres of book. However, Glass Slipper will always have a special place in her heart for YA and Teen novels, particularly those with a cast of strong female characters. However, don't be discouraged if that doesn't describe your book. If we like you, like your work and think we can sell it then we will publish it!


That being said, because we focus on producing high quality books and story telling, we do reserve the right to refuse poorly written or offensive manuscripts. Some books may take more work than others to get to the publishing stage, and others cost more to produce (ie picture or colour books). However you will also be given a rough estimate of the start up costs your book will endure in the set up process. 

Why not just self-publish?

Self Publishing is a great option for those who just want to publish one or two books, find writing a fun hobby or just want to try it going it alone at first. Perhaps you just want to dip your toe in the water and see what happens. This is great, and self-publishing can be a great way to build an audience in the early stages of your career.


However having a publishing company backing your efforts can be extremely helpful in making your book a success. Publishing companies have expertise in the market, and will know exactly where to place your book so it can receive it's due attention. Make no mistake, even with a publishing house at yours side, authors still have to work to promote their novel. After all, they wrote it. However, in addition to experience in the market, publishing houses also have connections that can aid publicity efforts, build up a buzz and ultimately stand your work a better chance of getting in front of all the right people. 

What kind of money can I expect?

Authors put a lot of hard work into their novels. If they make money, that money should go back to the person who spent the most time and effort on the work. It only makes sense! 


We're proud to offer author's higher royalty rates once a book is in profit. That way authors get to see more of the money made from their hard work and this can allow them to write more books. Then the cycle continues!