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Being a thief and a spy was never going to be easy, nevertheless Pam thinks she’s been juggling her two lives and two families fairly well.

Until now!

When Jerry and Leah are kidnapped, Pam abandons her friends, her parents and the Victoria Institute to rescue them, falling back into her old life and old friends in the Underground. Now Pam has to complete a job set by a man who refuses to identify himself before time runs out. If that wasn’t hard enough, she has to do it whilst trying to out run her parents with Jerry and Leah’s lives hanging in the balance.

Thief Underground - Pre-Order November 2019

  • E-Book

    The e-book is also available in the kindle store for £1.99/$2.99. You can read this with a kindle or using the kindle app (which is free) on your phone or smart device.