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~ Time For Your Next Adventure ~

SO you're thinking of publishing a book. Fantastic! Whether you've just started your publishing journey or you're an experienced author, we're thrilled that you've considered Glass Slipper as a home for your book.

WHETHER this is your first book or your fiftieth (in which case well done you!) publishing a new book is a new chapter in your life and your career that is sure to bring about it's own struggles but also it's own rewards. 



~ Why Glass Slipper? ~

THIS is a very important question. Why should you go with Glass Slipper? How are we different from the other publishing companies that are out there?

FIRSTLY, Glass Slipper specializes in Teen and Young Adult books, both fiction and non-fiction. We believe that by having this market focus we can truly offer our writers a unique experience that will stand their book in the best chances of success. 

SECONDLY, Glass Slipper is highly selective. We focus on producing quality books from quality authors. That's right, the author themselves is a huge consideration in our decision process. We believe that if we take on an author, their success is our success. We work carefully with author's to build realistic career plans based on their goals, their ability and their work ethic.